Know Greater Certainty.

Nacera is a dental ceramics company, but really we're in the business of certainty. At a time when far too many products and partners can't be counted on, we consistently deliver the highest quality ceramics and the highest-touch service to our lab partners. They depend on it. We demand it of ourselves.

We've built our business on that promise, and many of our partners have built their businesses on it too. Because with Nacera our partners know what to expect. In fact they're certain of it.

With more than twenty years of manufacturing excellence, we have a proven track record of consistently delivering the industry's highest quality ceramics. Our team of expert engineers meticulously craft each Nacera ceramic using our proprietary techniques to ensure the strongest, purest, and most natural-looking teeth every time, no exceptions.

We back up our technical expertise with an unmatched level of service. Where some of our competitors rely on outsourced call centers, our service is provided by a team of highly skilled experts with the technical know-how to answer questions, deliver solutions and move your cases forward.


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The Nacera Product Family

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A Passion you can feel.

The difference is passion. The outcome is the most beautiful, strongest ceramic possible.
Made in Germany.

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Right the First Time.

We don’t believe in do-overs; we believe in getting it right the first time, every time. But for some, product purity, consistently pressed pucks and stringent quality assurance have become the exception rather than the norm in our industry. Too often, labs and dentists have been forced to accept low-quality products and low-quality support. Many have defaulted to the lowest common denominator -- not by choice, but out of necessity.

It doesn't have to be that way. It shouldn't be that way. Because every time a crown or veneer gets sent back, that’s more time, more material and more money. And this is a business after all.

That's why we've created a multi-step quality control process to ensure quality and consistency. That's why we use only the highest quality biocompatible zirconium oxide to create a powerful ceramic base that will outlast the toughest wear-and-tear and achieve the most natural-looking, enamel-like translucency. That's why we've built the industry's deepest team of technical experts to drive our process and deliver our products.

It's time to change the game. It's time bolster your bottom line.

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It’s time to EXPECT MORE.

Expect more natural-looking products

Expect more personalized service

Expect more technical expertise

Expect more durability

Expect more conscientious partners

It's time to expect it to be right – the first time, every time.

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Nacera – Unmatched Expertise, Superior Service.

To us, quality is more than a word; it’s a way of life, it’s what we do. Created by highly-trained German engineers, every Nacera ceramic product is carefully crafted and rigorously tested before it gets to you, making sure you receive a flawless product. These same expert technicians, who know every in-and-out of the Nacera product line, are available to provide dependable technical service support, that gives Nacera another reason to stand above the rest.

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The Nacera Quality Standard

Reliable care with Nacera premium zirconium oxide.

Doceram Medical Ceramics is a global partner of milling centres, dental laboratories and dental practices. With Nacera Pearl we are providing high-quality prosthetic solutions that dentists, technicians and patients can rely on. Our name is synonymous with this.

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SEE the Difference.
Nacera Inside

All ceramics are not created equal ... We know that achieving the most natural look is paramount to you, your dentists and their patients, and it’s critical to us too. SEE the difference with the highest levels of Strength, Esthetic and Expertise in the industry; it’s the three legs of the Nacera tripod.

1. Strength:

Through our proprietary manufacturing and testing methods, we create the strongest dental ceramics possible so your dental partners and their patients can be certain they’re getting the best, every time.

2. Esthetic:

Our dental partners and their patients demand the most natural-looking teeth and so do we. With Nacera, you get industry-leading beauty combined with industry-leading strength so patients feel confident that their teeth look as good as they feel.

3. Expertise:

Passionate about what they do, our team of technicians and engineers are experts at their craft, and every Nacera product is a testament to that. They are constantly striving to be the best, and that drive ensures you receive the best.


Those three elements are inside every Nacera product. They're our difference and, quite frankly, they're our customers’ difference. All ceramics are not created equal, and what's inside matters.

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Nacera Inside means no cracks or fissures. Nacera Inside means no replacements or reorders. Nacera Inside means 100% reliability 100% of the time. Nacera Inside means a positive impact on your bottom line.

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